Rashad Evans clears the air on his current status on his Twitter


"There is no Machida fight in the works or that was offered 2 me. Machida vs Me came into convo cuz a comment his manager made."

Gray Maynard on Florian and his propensity for Decisions


Maynard makes some soft excuses about having 5 decisions about his last 6 fights. He also thinks this means he gets a title shot if he wins.

Brazil to feature on The Ultimate Fighter


It would appear according to this Tatame article that The Ultimate Fighter is to figure a Brazilian team in 2011. Any guesses at the coaches? Shogun v Evans?

Jake Shields: The Fine Art of Negotiating


summing up the current state for Jake Shields and his negotiations between the UFC and Strikeforce. The article's interesting when you consider, Shields, despite being champ is actually in a mildly interesting division in Strikeforce, esp. with there being enough talent to make the case for a tourney, which would be novel and interesting given the names of the guys involved like Miller, Kennedy, JACARE, and potentially Kazuo or Santiago.....

Camarillo (tries to) Hype GSP vs Koscheck


Does anyone even care to watch GSP and Koshcheck fight (again)? I'm mildly interested in seeing if Koscheck does better this time around....but the first fight looked meh....and GSP's fight with Hardy...Koscheck vs Daley.....I mean, really? Two guys EVERYONE said had only a puncher's chance....went the distance. That and is this something people should shell out for a PPV? I mean, even the Rashad/Evans card other than the main event is weeeeeeaaaaak to any even semi- longtime fan.

Congrats to MMA For Real


After watching my picks go a miserable 5-6, I decided to see if I was the only one to have a bad night, and compiled picks from here, Mania, Sherdog and Bloody Elbow. Turns out I wasn't, but For Real sure had a good one, posting the top 3 percentages of the 14 sets of picks accumulated. The part you'll be most interested in is the final bullet (sorry), but there's also commentary on Daley being cut while Shields gets pursued, the 30-27 Stephens card, and Rua looking incredible.

2010 Judo Nationals May 1-2 in Myrtle Beach, SC


The USA Judo National Championships are this weekend in Myrtle Beach, SC. There will be cash prizes for winners this year.

Strikeforce media call: Mousasi, Lawal & Coker


Here's the audio from the media call last week which featured Strikeforce lightheavyweight champion Gegard Mousasi, his opponent Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal, and Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker. It's also on our iTunes feed, if you've got the hookup on that.

OMFG - Anderson Is Speaking English!!!


This goes to prove that Silva is an arrogant liar and detests the American media and fans. Many people will state that Chael Sonnen, and Rashad Evans, was correct all this time. Moving on. It is good to that he is becoming more comfortable speaking english in public. This can only help his career.

Why BJ is more impressive than GSP


video interview where BJ talks about choosing to win a safe decision or take a guy out/look to finish the fight. BJ will ALWAYS be greater in my book. He's fought up from 155 to 170, won the belt, and even fought MACHIDA as a LHW. GSP takes the safe(r) route. Both great fighters....BJ's attitude, that something else, that extra bit of whatever it is.....the challenge, the obstacle, the willingness to risk failure in the face of long odds....that's why I'm swingin' from BJ's nuts.