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Lights Out Radio Presented by - Best of 2010, Part 2

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There's no doubt 2010 was a great year for Lights Out Radio. Myself, Neil and Forrest produced many great shows (and a few stinkers, as well). In a year where we preached to "leave the memories alone," well, we're not going to do that because what I have here is Lights Out Radio's Best of 2010. This is Part 2, where we tackle the following subjects:

Lights Out Radio Best of 2010, Part 2:

Impact FC ring announcer
Paulo Filho whips it out
Comparing Impact FC to YAMMA
What if Tony Schiavone was an MMA announcer...
Rating MMA broadcast teams
Forrest meets Cheick Kongo, hilarity ensues
Neil talks about Juggalos, Matt makes fun of himself
The LOR Crew talks about the Strikeforce: Nashville brawl
Jake Rosholt rants about NCAA wrestling officiating
Forrest dislikes Donald Cerrone
Forrest dislikes Josh Barnett
Forrest dislikes Jon Fitch
Felix calls in, drops F-bomb, calls Matt a "crazy dude."
Forrest dislikes Jon Fitch, his black belt
Forrest dislikes Shane Carwin, makes fun of Matt
The LOR Crew discusses the Silva/Maia UFC 112 debacle
Paulo Thiago loses to Martin Kampmann, Matt is crushed

Lights Out Radio Best of 2010, Part 2