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UFC 125 Results: Edgar, Maynard fight to draw

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Frankie Edgar retained his UFC lightweight championship after he drew with Gray Maynard at UFC 125.
Frankie Edgar retained his UFC lightweight championship after he drew with Gray Maynard at UFC 125.

For the first time since 2003, a UFC title bout has ended in a draw.

After a dominating first round, Gray Maynard looked to have the UFC lightweight title on lock. Champion Frankie Edgar battled back, though. He and Maynard fought back-and-forth for the remaining four rounds, going to the scorecards where the fight was declared a split draw.

It's the first UFC title fight draw since B.J. Penn and Caol Uno drew for the lightweight title at UFC 41.

First round is underway and Maynard drops Edgar about 90 seconds in with a left hook. Edgar spins back over and Maynard is all over him but can't finish him. Edgar is bleeding from the nose. Big right and then a left drops Edgar again. Edgar is backpedaling. Edgar is on extremely wobbly legs here. A minute to go. Edgar not moving nearly as fast as he was but he manages to hit Maynard a few times, as Maynard isn't moving his head at all. First round is all Maynard, 10-8 if not 10-7.

Edgar moving better here to start the second. Edgar with leg kicks. Edgar drills Maynard with a right. Maynard has slowed down considerably. Maynard overcommits to a punch and Edgar ducks right under and slams him. Maynard right back to his feet, though. Another right lands for Edgar. Maynard shoots in for a takedown but Edgar stops it. Second round is all Edgar.

More of the same from Edgar here. Maynard looks for a takedown but Edgar pulls right out of it. Maynard lands a left but Edgar answers shortly after with a right. Maynard lands a body shot then a sweeping right that sends Edgar back. More shots from Maynard and he is starting to connect now. Edgar's nose is bleeding again. Maynard catches a front kick and looks for a takedown that he connects on. Edgar stands but Maynard drags him right back down. Into half-guard and the round ends as Edgar grabs a guillotine. Maynard's round.

Championship rounds underway. First time here for Maynard. Edgar looks for an early takedown and gets it. He locks in a guillotine against the cage but can't get it. He lands some nice shots as they break apart. Edgar gets another takedown. Maynard back to his feet. Maynard is really tiring and Edgar looks fine. Nice lands by Edgar. Edgar looks for a takedown and gets it. Three nice shots connect against the cage. They break back to the feet. Not much happens. Edgar's round easily.

Final round underway here. Maynard lands a left hook, his best punch since the third. Edgar with a knee out of the clinch. Not much of significance landing from either as we have two minutes remaining. Edgar lands a nice combo. Nothing happening in the takedown department for either man. Pace picking up as we have a minute to go. Maynard lands some nice shots. Both men swinging as the fight comes to an end. Close round, but I'll go with Edgar as he was able to stuff Maynard's takedowns and the striking was even.

The official scores are: 48-46 Maynard, 48-46 Edgar and 47-47. This fight is a draw. 

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