Fans Interview Fighters III - Submit your questions here for Nam Phan.


Greetings fellow mma fans! 2011 is here and "Fans Interview Fighters" continues, and this time with our first UFC fighter, Nam Phan. If you are not familiar with this series please check out the last two installments which featured Daniel Cormier and Ryan Couture.

I would like to start by announceing that "Fans Interview Fighters" is looking to expand. I have said from the beginning that this series is for all of us, and I have been contacted by another sbnation regular who has some connections to a few fighters and would like in on the action. If you have a way to contact a fighter please don't hesitiate to be a part of this. You can take the reigns or put me in contact with them, either way is fine and should help grow what we have going on here. If you do want to help contribute please leave your e-mail in the comments and I will be in touch to get the ball rolling.

Now onto Nam Phan. Nam is our first UFC fighter so i'm interested to see what type of responses we get and how type lipped he will be when our questions are about the business side of the sport and UFC as opposed to questions specifically centered around his career. Nam recently competed on The Ultimate Fighter Team GSP vs Team Koscheck. We then saw him slug it out with Leonard Garcia in the fight of the night at the TUF Finale, which would go on to become known as the most controvesial decision of 2010. Nam has a career record of 16-8 fighting everywhere from WEC, KOTC, Strikeforce, Sengoku, and now UFC.

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