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UFC 125 Results: Silva embarrasses Vera

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After a 364-day layoff, Thiago Silva was back with a vengeance.

Silva completely humbled Brandon Vera on Saturday at UFC 125, badly breaking Vera's nose and dominating the action to win a unanimous decision.

The two waste no time in getting to work, as they immediately clinch up and land punches and knees. They clinch against the cage and Silva drags Vera to the canvas. Half-guard. Silva is able to scramble into side control. Silva landing some nice ground-and-pound. He tries to mount but fails and ends back in half-guard. He quickly drops for a leglock attempt but immediately gives it up. The round ends. Silva stands and claps several times and gets in Vera's face. Referee Steve Mazzagatti has to separate them.

Both men landing big shots to start the second round. Both take them well. Quite the exchange. Silva is able to get Vera back to the ground. Full guard. Silva landing some shots. Vera can't do a thing underneath Silva. Second round is all Silva once the fight got to the ground.

Another hot start to the third round. Vera tries a high kick but it gets caught up on the way out after being blocked and Silva grabs a clinch and puts him against the fence. He takes his back standing and drags him to the mat. Vera says something as Silva hits him and Silva sticks his tongue out at him. Silva now throwing ope-handed strikes. Now he messages his back. Vera throws an elbow back. Silva still mocking Vera. Vera bleeding. Vera doing absolutely nothing to stop being made a fool of. Time running out and Silva finishes the fight when he was much of the fight: On Vera's back.

Vera's nose is "horribly" broken according to Joe Rogan. It is really bad.

The judges score the bout 30-26, 30-27 and 30-27.