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UFC 125 Results: Kim decisions Diaz

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Dong Hyun Kim was victorious Saturday at UFC 125, besting Nate Diaz.
Dong Hyun Kim was victorious Saturday at UFC 125, besting Nate Diaz.

Dong Hyun Kim was too big and too strong for Nate Diaz.

Kim used superior wrestling and ground tactics to hold off Diaz en route to a unanimous decision win Saturday at UFC 125.

Kim spent the majority of the first round on top after taking Diaz to the mat. Kim positionally dominated the action but Diaz's defense was strong, so Kim could not get much going. Diaz was able to use a leglock attempt to get the fight back to the feet with 15 seconds left. A solid round for Kim.

Both fighters traded more leather than in the first but neither got much of an edge. After an unsuccessful takedown attempt, Kim went right back for a single but this time finished it with a trip. A very nice technique. Diaz looked to use his legs to work for a triangle but Kim was able to hold it off. Diaz is able to push Kim off but Kim immediately takes him back to the mat. Diaz gets some hope at the end and takes Kim's back, but "Stun Gun" slides out the backdoor and the round ends.

Diaz takes Kim's back in a scramble on the feet and takes him down briefly but Kim is able to get back to the feet. Diaz is working for a choke from the feet and has the head. He looks for a knee and delivers it but Kim has his hand on the ground. Referee Yves Lavigne steps in and stops the fight for the illegal blow. Kim goes down but can continue. They scramble to the mat and Kim ends up on top. Kim works is able to take Diaz's back. Diaz is free. They get back to the feet against the cage and Diaz lands a kick to the face. Diaz lands some nice shots against the cage and he is working a takedown right at the bell.

All three judges score the bout 29-28 for Kim.

The win moves Kim to 5-0 (with one no contest) in the UFC. He is 14-0-1 (1 NC) for his career.

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