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Shark Fight Promotions Donate a Portion of Pay-Per-View Sales to the Freedom Alliance

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From the Shark Fight Promotions press release:

 In honor of the men and women who serve the United States in the armed forces, Shark Fight Promotions chose to donate a portion of the pay-per-view sales to Freedom Alliance's Scholarship Fund. The fund is dedicated to the children of Americans who have lost their lives or have become permanently disabled while defending the country through their military service. Thousands of soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and guardsmen have been killed or disabled in the War on Terror; the fund aids the children of these brave men and women by providing them with scholarships to attend college..

. ... 
"We strongly believe in maintaining a charitable element to our business and think it is extremely important to honor our troops. Supporting Freedom Alliance combines two subjects everyone at our company is passionate about. Freedom Alliance is an amazing organization and the scholarship fund is a worthy cause," said Brent Medley, president of Shark Fight Promotions. "We are honored to help the children of our service men and women.".

. ... 
Retired Marine Corps Lt. Col. Oliver North founded Freedom Alliance in 1990; the scholarship fund was created to remind the children that their parents' sacrifices would never be forgotten. The organization has awarded more than $3 million in scholarships to the sons and daughters of the American heroes who have lost their lives or been permanently disabled in an operational mission or a training accident..

Quietly Shark Fights have made all the right moves. They have put together exciting match-ups with some of the best available unsigned names out there. They have a talent rich undercard and Shark Fights is making it available to MMA fans worldwide by streaming it on They have put together a quility production team and they are getting the Shark Fights brand out to a variety of people.

Jason Cruz from MMApayout gives his opinion on the matter:

This is a great PR move by Shark Fights since the event will be held on September 11th. It sets them apart from Shine Fights, which is holding a PPV a day before and the organization names are similar that it may be confusing to a casual fan. It also recognizes the significance of September 11th and shows that it understands the sacrifice of veterans.

The goodwill obtained through this gesture will exceed the donation it will make to Freedom Alliance.

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