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Wild Bill's Fight Night 30

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Wild Bill's Fight Night 30 takes place this Satuerday September 11th. Get your tickets <a href="" target="new">here</a>
Wild Bill's Fight Night 30 takes place this Satuerday September 11th. Get your tickets here

This Saturday September 11th Wild Bills Fight Night returns with a really great card. (8-3) Roger Carroll will be fighting in hostile territory against (7-3) Aaron "Tex" Johnson. Carroll vs. Johnson is one of the best main events this year. Both guys have excellent Jiu-Jitsu and always come to finish fights.

Roger Carroll has slayed the competition Georgia has brought forth. Defeating fighters such as Clint Hester and Tim Stout. Carroll's only loss in Georgia is to Hardcore Gym's Dave Mewborn. Carroll is coming off a loss to hot prospect Uriah Hall in Ring of Combat.

"Tex" is coming off a win in Mississippi just two weeks ago. Johnson is looking to fight the best fighters out there and has proved it by facing tough competition throughout the Southeast.

Special guest for the event will be Nate Diaz. Fan will have a chance to meet and take pictures with the Stockton native. From

The dinner will take place in the Crown Room of Wild Bill’s from 7 pm – 8:30 pm and will be limited to ONLY 50 people to make the event as private as possible for those in attendance! Feast With the Beast, a Dinner With Nate Diaz, costs $100 per person and includes:
*A ringside ticket in the first three rows for that nights Wild Bill’s Fight Night
*All you can eat Hooters wings for dinner with soft drinks included
*A free Wild Bill’s Fight Night tshirt
*Photos and autographs with Nate Diaz (bring your own camera and whatever you’d like him to sign!)

The Co-Main Event between Sonny South (1-1) and Johnny Buck (7-5) has got some serious "heat" on it. A little over a year ago Buck stopped South in the second round due to punches. Sonny has said continually that he was ill going into that fight and demanded a rematch.

The contract was signed a few months ago and South was set to face Buck again, this time in South Carolina. A few weeks before the show South pulled out due to a broken hand. No medicals were sent to Buck's camp to prove this and Buck's camp accused South of being overweight and scared.  

South fired back with this on Facebook and signing the contract to fight Buck:

i hope ur in the same place im in right now Jhonny "I really fucked up" Buck, cuz bitch im gonna try to kill u until that lil dude in the stripes pulls me off u wit all his stenth!!! If u have any retarted ideas of touchin gloves ur risking a nasty over hand to the chin. Sportsmanship is out the question on this one!

Booth have gone back and forth since then. It was fun building up to the fight and most fight heads here in Georgia want to see South stop Buck. "Buck Nasty" has a message for them:


On the main card ATT product Tony Sousa will face X3's Clint Hester. I doubt that fight goes to the cards. Muay Thai fighter Steve Hall takes on Mark Inge. And the always exciting Scott Fairhat takes on Andrew Higgins.

Really good card from top to bottom. will be in attendance giving you the best possible coverage of the event. You can purchase tickets for Wild Bill's Fight Night here.