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Just Another Main Event for Aaron "Tex" Johnson

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Aaron "Tex" Johnson (7-3) prepares for yet another main event. If you would like ticket information e-mail Tex at
Aaron "Tex" Johnson (7-3) prepares for yet another main event. If you would like ticket information e-mail Tex at

In the main event of Wild Bill's Fight Night 30, Tex Johnson (7-3) will battle Roger Carroll (8-3). The North Carolina vs. Georgia rivalry is alive and well as two of the best fighters from there respective states will prove who is better. Talking with Johnson, he seems to feel no pressure going into this fight. All he wants to do is prove that he is the best.  

Aaron "Tex" Johnson has always had the spotlight. In High School "Tex" was a star running back and soaked up the limelight. He embraced his nickname "Texas". After High School Johnson took to the partying life style. From his interview with

Johnson was also a high school wrestler who competed at 275 pounds after also becoming interested in power lifting. He bulked up and earned a spot in the state tournament, but his difficulty in continuing attention on one thing and his penchant to fight started causing problems. "It was a weird road of fighting and drinking after high school," he said. "It started off as a leisurely thing and it became, 'How drunk can we get?' I wouldn't start anything, but guys always wanted to take on the biggest guy, and I was about 260. I would get them on a kick to the head and they would just be out."

Johnson inevitably found MMA and started growing up. He has moved away from his old partying ways. He eats clean, Johnson hasn't had a bite of his favorite ice cream (Cookie dough) in months. Johnson has been conditioning very well, keeping his weight down. In the past Johnson has had trouble making weight. When I talked to him last night he had "less than 10 pounds to cut." 

He credits much of this to Steve Headen and Jimmy Long. "Steve is my coach, partner, and a really great friend. Jimmy really has guided me into a different direction in my life. It wasn't just about fighting. He told me to stop the partying, and helped me change things in my life. He put me on a strict training session and because of Jimmy I have a new and better lifesyle."

Just two fights ago Johnson found the spotlight he had been missing for so long. 3,000 screaming fans thirsting for violence filled the Rome Forum in Rome, Georgia. Arron "Tex" Johnson walks through the dark tiny corridor into the bright spotlight. At that very monement he has the attention of 3,000 strangers. "It's relaxing" says the six foot two Middleweight. "I just go out there and try to have some fun. I love when the crowd is screaming, some people go to an office I get into a cage"

I asked Johnson about his alter ego "Tex". "The whole alter ego with Tex is: he's unstoppable, ten feet tall, bulletproof, and I wouldn't want to fight him."

Sporting a very large red mowhawk, Johnson loves being a showman. "I love to give the people exciting fights. I am looking to bring the fight to you. I am not waiting for the fight to come to me. I am pushing the pace and working every second I spend in the cage. I'm just going to beat you up. I don't care if it's toe to toe or if we are on the mat." All of Tex's victories have been from stoppages.

We also touched on the subject of the rivalry between North Carolina fighters and Georgia fighters. "The first time I heard about the guys in North Carolina was when I fought Johnny Buck. His manager Cornbread was talking a lot all in good fun. People like you say it's a rivalry between North Carolina and Georgia, but it really is a rivalry between Cornbread's guys and Sponsored Fan. Cornbread is a great guy an hypes up fights really well and is super professional."

In past interviews with me Tex has called out Roger Carroll and has wanted this fight to happen for about a year now. Johnson is faced with the opportunity once again to fight the best in the Southeast and climb the ladder to the top. If Johnson is victorious Saturday, fights that make sence for him are Dave Mewborn and a re-match with Josh Eagans.

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