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Texas MMA Fighter Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide

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According to the Austin NBC affiliate:

Police are investigating what they're calling a murder-suicide this Labor Day holiday.

Kenneth Bryan Trevino, 26, and his girlfriend - 23-year-old Tiffanie Perry - were found dead Sunday night.

Police were called to the 9900 block of McNeil and 2222 around 11 p.m. Sunday night. Police say they received a call from a family member or friend of Trevino's living outside of Austin who warned them Trevino might be suicidal.

The caller said Trevino was despondent over a recent breakup with his girlfriend, Perry.

When officers arrived at Trevino's home at the Alexan Ribelin Ranch Apartment Complex, they found them dead.

Both bodies had obvious signs of trauma.

Trevino was an MMA Fighter .

Obviously, the greater issue here is the tragedy for both families involved. We send them our condolences and hope that they find peace in the matter. But it's tough to brush off these things in the context of the sport when powerful people are looking for anything to help them in their crusade against MMA.

The headline on Huffington Post's front page reads: "MMA Fighter Suspected of Brutal Murder-Suicide". Trevino had a professional record of 5-2 on regional cards, but this story will continue on as a part of the larger narrative against MMA in general.