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WEC 51 Results: Miguel Torres Submits Charlie Valencia

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Miguel Torresgets back to his winning ways by forcing Charile Valencia to tap in the second round at WEC 51: Aldo vs. Gamburyan.

Torres paws with a few jabs. All 5'3 of Charlie Valenciatries to land a head kick on 6'1 Miguel Torres and it almost landed. High comedy right there. Torres is walking down Valencia with strikes. Right hand by Torres. Torres is finding his jab now. Both fighters clinch up along the cage. Valencia takes a huge kick to the groin. Torres knocks down Valencia and starts throwing wild strikes to finish the fight. The round ends and Valencia is saved.

Valencia looks to go out on his shield throwing wild strikes to start the second round. Right hand by Torres lands and backs up Valencia. Torres follows up with big strikes and puts Valencia on his back. Valencia stands back up, but eats a knee on his way up. Torres takes Valencia's back, he locks up the body triangle   the body triangle and looking for the rear naked choke. Torres slides his forearm under Valencia's neck and he tapps.

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