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WEC 51 Results: George Roop Knocks Out Chan Sung Jung

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Nobody gave George Roop a chance in this fight. Roop used his reach well and knocked out the "Korean Zombie".

A leg kick by Jung starts the action of the second bout of WEC 51: Aldo vs. Gamburyan. Roop lands a jab to Jung's face. Jung is looking to land leg kicks early. Roop is surprisingly using his reach effectively. Jung gets inside and lands a uppercut. Roop contiunes to land strikes effectively from the outside. Roop is up agaisnt the cage landing punches. Jung lands a knee to the body to end the round.

Again Jung is going back to landing his leg kicks. Big head kick from Roop lands! Jung wants to payback Roop with a right hand, but misses.  Jung is getting really sloppy at this point, Roop is standing on the outside landing strikes. Another head kick by Roop and Jung is knocked out! 

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