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WEC 51 Results: Mark Hominick Batters Leonard Garcia to a Decision

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29-28 Hominick, 29-28 Garcia and 29-28 Hominick were the shocking scores that were read by the judges for the opening bout of WEC 51: Aldo vs. Gamburyan. Hiominick lit up Garcia with his strikes for three straight rounds and somehow one judge scored it for Garcia.

Garcia is throwing his pattened power shots that of cource don't land to start the first round. Hominick counters Garcia's head kick by landing a right hand. Effective leg kick by Garcia. Garcia's best offensive weapon at this point is his kicks. Hominick is pasting Garcia with a jab again and again. For two consecutive mintues Hominick has landed the straighter more effective punches. Garcia can't counter Hominick at all. Gracia lands an effective leg kick.

Both guys come out throwing bombz. Garcia misses with a right and almost falls down. Hominick lands some body shots and Garcia backs up. Hominick is continuing to land his jab. Garcia keeps loading up his right and missing. Everytime Garcia missies Hominick counters with hard jabs. Both fighters trade leg kicks. Right hand by Homininck lands. Garcia ends the round with a right hand.

Surprisingly Garcia lands a good looking body shot. Hominick goes back to landing his jab at will. Hominick is walking down Garcia with his jab. Garcia can't do anything to defend or to counter the jab and he is gassing hard. Garcia goes for a takedown and it is unsuccessful. Hominick goes to the body again and drops Garcia. Garcia misses a head kick to end the bout.