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WEC 51 Undercard Preview: Tyler Toner vs. Diego Nunes

Tyler Toner

Toner (10-1) is fighting out of the Grudge Training Center in Wheatridge, Colorado. Bloodyelbow's Chris Nelson has a article about the playlist Toner would use before the biggest fight of his carrer. Toner is a former underground DJ turn MMA fighter. If you remember before WEC 45 Toner was denied a license to fight due to his lack of vision. I am unsure what was wrong and if Toner ever got his vision fixed. Toner fought primarily in the Colorado-based Ring of Fire organization before making his promotional debut at WEC 48.

Notable Wins: Gerald Lovato (11-9) Nick Mamalis (15-6) Brandon Visher (13-1)

Notable Losses: Scott Jorgensen (11-3)

You need to watch this three part video between Toner and Jorgenson.


Diego Nunes

Nunes (13-1) Nunes is a Kickboxer/Muay Thai fighter, who uses the clinch to create his offence. Nunes trains with Team Blackhouse in Brazil. Since stepping into the WEC he has yet to finish a fight. Before entering the WEC he finished all eleven opponents.Beyond that I will admit I know very little about him.

Notable Wins: Cole Province (6-1)

Notable Losses: L.C. Davis (16-3)  Raphael Assuncao (15-3) He lost this fight. Judges got it wrong.

SBN coverage of WEC 51: Aldo vs. Gamburyan


Fight Breakdown:

I believe Toner will counter-strike effectively and consistently beat Nunes to the punch. If Toner can avoid the clinch he should achieve a unanimous victory.