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WEC 51 Undercard Preview: Antonio Banuelos vs. Chad George

Antonio Banuelos

Banuelos is an aging veteran that is most recognized when he was featured on the Tapout show and being Chuck Lidell's buddy. Banuelos is another fighter that would benefit from WEC creating a Flyweight division. Fighting for the WEC before Zuffa bought it, Banuelos has been fighting in the lower weight classes for years. We know what Banuelos is, a well-rounded guy that is a gatekeeper for good Bantamweights. Banuelos will continue to serve his important role for the WEC. If you are a good prospect, you beat Banuelos. If you are not, Banuelos will beat you.

Notable WinsJames Cottrell (9-5) Cole Escovedo (16-6) Justin Robbins (11-9) Kenji Osawa (16-9-2)

Notable Losses: Jeff Bedard (12-3) Eddie Wineland (17-6-1) Charlie Valencia (12-5) Manny Tapia (10-4-1) Scott Jorgensen twice (11-3)

Chad George

Training out of Punch Kick Grapple (PKG) in Los Angales, Cailfornia George has been training hard. George is the former Total Fighting Alliance Bantamweight champion. George owns and operates a animation and design studio. Honestly, I have never been impressed with George's MMA skills. I find him very interesting outside of the cage, but I don't think he has what it takes to stick around in the WEC's Bantamweight division.

Notable Wins: John Hosman (18-7-1)

 Notable Losses:Scott Jorgensen (11-3)


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Fight Prediction:

I like Banuelos to take a Unanimous Decision victory here. Banuelos should stuff George's takedowns and bust him up on the feet.