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WEC 51 Undercard Preview: Demetrious Johnson vs. Nick Pace

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Demetrious Johnson

From Parkland, Washington Johnson (6-1) is a spectacular athlete. He came from the Washington's rugged MMA scene. Johnson is very durable and tough, characteristics of many Northwestern based fighters. Fighting in the Bantamweight division Johnson went 6-0 before entering the WEC. He faced a very tough test in his first outing against Brad "One Punch" Pickett. Eventually losing a Unanimous decision, Johnson certainly showed he is a talent and belongs in the WEC. However, at 5'3 I doubt he has the and size to stick around in the developing Bantamweight division. Hopefully one of these days the WEC will open up the Flyweight division. If Johnson losses this fight it is safe to assume he will be cut. If he is I would love to see him get at shot with Tachi Palace in their Flyweight division.  

Notable Wins: Jesse Brock (12-5)

Notable Losses: Brad Pickett (19-5)

Nick Pace

From the opposite side of the country, Pace (5-0) is a Tiger Schulmann trained fighter. Training for about three years now Pace is already the Ring Of Combat Bantamweight champion. For some odd reason Bellator didn't pick up Pace for their Bantamweight tourney. In Sherdog's Prospect Watch Pace says:

"It’s great because I don’t have to go work construction or be a plumber just to fight." Pace says. "The best part is that I’m always working on my technique, the basics, because I’m teaching people all the little things that are easy to ignore. I love doing it, and it makes me better, day in and day out."

I like his attitude and I like his skills. Pace is a very exciting fighter always looking for the finish.

Notable wins: Steve Deangelis (9-7)

Notable Losses: None

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Fight Prediction:

I like Pace here. Never really been impressed with Johnson's wrestling ability. If Johnson wants to win he is going to have to get this fight to the floor. I don't see it happening. Training with Team Tiger Schulmann Pace should be able to get the better of the striking exchanges. Johnson is certainly a superior athlete, but Johnson can not win this fight on athleticism alone.