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In the Main Event of UFC 119 Frank Mir Knocks Out Mirko Cro Cop in Round 3

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In the main event of the evening Frank Mir KO's Cro Cop with a lazy knee to the chin.

Cro Cop lands a one two on Mir. Mir clinches and lands a knee. Cro Cop answers with a knee to Mir's groin. Cro Cop lands a combination that sent Mir into the cage reeling. Mir keep Cro Cop up against the fence until Herb Dean separated him.

The second round was slow and really there was no significant offence landed. Both fighters stood in front of each other throwing faints or hitting air. The most action was Frank Mir pushing Cro Cop up against the cage and Dean separating them.

The third round starts and the crowd boo's. Cro Cop lands a swift combination. Cro Cop lands a few more punches. So far this had been Mirko's best round. Mir stifles Cro Cop's offence by pushing him up against the cage. Herb Dean restarted the fight and it looked like Mir clinch with Cro Cop and lands a lazy knee that ends the fight.

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