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Undefeated Ryan Bader Slips past Antonio Rogerio Nogueira at UFC 119

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Undefeated Light Heavyweight title contender Ryan Bader takes out top ten fighter Antonio Rogerio Nogueira.

Bader pushes forward aggressively with punches early in round one. Nogueira fired back with a left and a short right hook. A one-two combo of looping hooks landed for Nogueira and Bader just missed with a massive right. A nice left landed for Nogueira, but Bader trips him to the mat and unloading with massive punches from a standing position. Nogueira weathers the storm and Bader fell into his guard. Bader lands short punches and elbows. Nogueira gets the fight back to the feet. The fighters separated and Bader avoids a kick from Nogueira. Nogueira lands a big right hook. Nogueira lands more punches before the bell.

Bader opens the second round with a leg kick and Nogueira fired back with one to the body. Nogueira is landing quite a few punches on Bader. Bader answers with a body kick. Bader landes two quick punches and finally scores a takedown. Bader landed a body kick as Nogueira fired off some punches. Nogueira begins to pick up the pace with punches and landes a knee. Nogueira throws another knee and stuffs a takedown.

Nog came out firing to start the third. Bader took an unintentional eye poke that paused the action. Bader lands a body kick and gets stuffed on a takedown attpemt. Nogueira landed some punches but Bader answered with few hard punches of his own. Nog landed some nice knees to the body and stuffed several more of Bader's takedowns. Nogueira lands a few punches. But Bader continued to score with rights. Nogueira continues to tag Bader, Nogueira gets to aggressive and Bader achieves a takedown and stays on top for the rest of the round.

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