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Chris Lytle Takes a Commanding Unanimous Decision Victory over Matt Serra at UFC 119

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Chris Lytle avenged his loss to Matt Sera by battering Serra to a unanimous desion at UFC 119.  

Round one starts and both fighters traded big power punches. Lytle scored with hooks and crosses to the jaw, but Serra seemed to take the damage well. Lytle connected with more punches and a solid uppercut to Serra's face. A cut was opened beside Serra’s left eye and the fighters traded more punches in close quarters. Lytle landed two more uppercuts, but ate a hard right hook in return. Lytle got the better of another striking exchange and landed a right hook to the body. Lytle is targeting a cut near Serra’s with his right hand. More right hands landed for Lytle.

Lytle crushes Serra with punches in the opening seconds of round two! Serra comes back and stuns Lytle with a counter combination. More punches landed for Lytle as he backs Serra up. The fighters trade more punches and Lytle stuns Serra with a right hook to the head. He followed up with two more punches, but Serra is still standing. Lytle continues to pepper Serra with punches. Serra winced and backed away. Lytle is aggressive and is looking to finish the fight with a barrage of punches.

Lytle crushes Serra with an uppercut as Serra rushed in early in the third round. Serra tries for a takedown, but can't get it. Lytle catches a kick and lands a straight right. Serra landed a right hook and a leg kick. Serra trying to make something happen, but Lytle stifles his offence. Serra throws a leg kick and misses with a Superman Punch. Three monster punches landed for Lytle and Serra was hurt. Lytle landed another quick combination before the bell.

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