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Sean Sherk Escapes UFC 119 with a Split Decision Win over Evan Dunham

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The grizzled veteran Sean Sherk controversaly defeats the young up and coming prostpect Evan Dunham by split desion.

Round one starts and both fighters feel each other out. Sherk shoots in for a takedown. Dunham jumps and has a deep guillotine and Sherk's face is now pink! Sherk escapes and ends up in Dunham's half guard. Dunham manages to stand up and eats an uppercut as he gets to his feet. Sherk achieves another takedown and he gets into Dunham's half guard again. Dunham with another deep guillotine and Sherk easily escapes. Sherk with a nasty elbow that opens up a deep cut on Dunham. With seconds left in the round, the ref stops the fight to let the doctor check the cut which is now bleeding badly. The doctor gives to ok to Dunham and the fight continues.

Dunham ends up with a deep guillotine early in the second round. Sherk pops his head out and Dunham sweeps to his feet. Sherk looking for a takedown again and again Dunham is stuffing all of Sherk's shots. Sherk is wining the striking exchanges. Both fighters landing punches with Sherk wining most of the exchanges.

High kick from Dunham stuns Sherk to open round three! Dunham is landing elbows to the side of Sherk's head. Both fighters land right hands, the fight is turning into a brawl. Another head kick by Dunham. Sherk answers with a right hand. Dunham landing some hard punches and really hurting Sherk badly. Big knee by Dunham! Dunham lands a bevy of strikes as the round ends.