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Melvin Guillard Wins a Lackluster Split Decision over Jeremy Stephens at UFC 119

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Two ruthless sluggers start off the Pay Per Veiw portion of UFC 119. Jeremy Stephens and Melvin Guillard wanted to fight each other and they got their wish. The fight promised fireworks, but did not deliver. Gullard picks up his thrid win in a row with a Split decision over Jeremy Stephens.

Round one starts and Stephens knocks down Guillard early! Stephens is swinging for the fences. Guillard is looking to damage Stephens body early. Guillard is more respectful of stephens as thefight progresses. Guillard is much quicker than Stephens, landing blows and using his footwork to aviod Stephens punches.

Round two starts and Stephens lands a hard leg kick. Stephens is looking to slow down Melvin's movement. Stephens is effectivelycountering Guillard. Guillard gets more aggressiveand misses with a knee coming in. Fighters clinch and then break away. Guillard inadvertently kicks Stephens between the legs. The fight is restarted quickly. Stephens than lands a kick to Guillard's groin. Fighters exchange kicks and the crowd is growing restless.

Stephens opens round three with an effective leg kick. Crowd starts booing. Stephens keeps tagging Melvin with leg kicks. Melvin can't get any offence going. Stephens continues to counter Guillard effectively. Stephens goes for a wild flying knee and misses. Stephens cracks Guillard with a right to end the round

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