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Matt Mitrione Earns a Victory in His Hometown at UFC 119

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Two undefeated UFC Heavyweights start the action off at UFC 119 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Mitrione earns a unanimous decision victory over Joey Beltran in his hometown of Indianapolis.

Mitrione comes out aggressive and hurts Beltran early. "Meathead" is winning every exchange, throwing three punch combinations. Beltran hurts former NFL player with a right. Beltran than cliches with Mitrione and delivers a bevy of overhand rights to Mitrione's face. Beltran then takes down Mitrione and tries some ground and pound.  Mitrione consistently throws up triangles. Round one ends with Beltran on top.

Round two starts and Beltran looks to be more confident. Beltran throws some punches and clinches with Mitrione and works for a takedown. Beltran can't get the single leg and lets go. Not a straight punch being thrown in this fight. Mitrione hurts Beltran with a right and Beltran answers with a two punch combination. Fight is stopped due to tape coming off Beltran's gloves. Mitrione ends the round with a headkick. 

Round three starts and Mitrione is loading up his right, trying to end the fight. Slow round three with Mitrione bouncing on the outside lunging in with an effective jab. Thirty seconds left in the fight and Beltran is going for broke. Beltran hurts Mitrone with a right, but Mitirone counters with his own right! The fight ends with Mitrione up agaisnt the cage throwing punches.

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