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Ken Shamrock to make October return for USA MMA

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UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock, fresh off a first-round TKO loss to Pedro Rizzo in July, has signed on the dotted line to fight veteran Jonathan Ivey on Oct. 16 for USA MMA in Lafayette, La., reports. learned Wednesday from sources close to the event the Shamrock vs. Ivey headliner as well as the co-main event, Ricco Rodriguez vs. Mike Perez.

MMA Fighting also sheds some light on Ivey:

Shamrock's opponent, Ivey (29-42), is a heavyweight who has been around the sport since 1998. Ivey holds a laundry list of losses to UFC veterans in Jeremy Horn, Travis Wiuff, Ben Rothwell, Justin Eilers, Dan Severn, Jake O'Brien, Ricco Rodriguez, Gan McGee and Sam Hoger. His list of losses even includes a future UFC veteran, as his most recent fight this past May was a TKO loss to Sean McCorkle, who is set to make his UFC debut later this month at UFC 119. Ivey might be most notable for actually landing a "People's Elbow" in a mixed martial arts bout.

Well, I'm all for MMA fighters doing pro-wrestling moves in a fight, but a shoot People's Elbow (at 4:51 on the video) might take the cake.

It's a shame Shamrock continues to go out and fight, especially pointless fights like this. What does a fight like this prove except it's simply another paycheck for Shamrock's ban account. It's unfortunate Shamrock continues to fight, but it's inevitable situations like this will continue to pop up as aging fighters have nothing to fall back on but obviously continue to have the need to get paid.