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UFC Fight Night 22 Results: Marquardt stops Palhares

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Nate Marquardt returned to the winner's circle, but it didn't come without controversy.

Marquardt stopped Rousimar Palhares via first-round TKO on Wednesday at UFC Fight Night 22, but the fight's big blow came when Palhares was attempting to complain about the slipperiness about Marquardt's legs.

Marquardt coming out in a low stance. Both fighters feeling each other out in the first minute. Palhares comes in with an uppercut but eats two hard shots from Marquardt. Palhares gets a takedown but pays for it. Marquardt defending and tries an inverted triangle but he can't get it. Palhares in side control. He goes for a leg lock but Marquardt easily pulls out and drills Palhares with a shot that hurts him. Marquardt pounds away until referee Herb Dean is forced to stop the contest.

The replay shows that Palhares was complaining about the greasiness of Marquardt's legs when he was drilled with the big shot. 

The official time is 3:28.

Following the fight, Joe Rogan, in his interview with Marquardt, said the fighter checked out clean from the commission.

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