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UFC Fight Night 22 Results: Oliveira submits Escudero

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Charles Oliveira might be for real.

The 20-year old lightweight submitted Efrain Escudero on Wednesday at UFC Fight Night 22 with a third-round rear-naked choke, picking up his second UFC win in six weeks.

Oliveira with a flying knee and Escudero clinches against the cage. They are broken up. Oliveira throwing lots of kicks, high and low. They clinch against the cage again and they break. Oliveira lands. Oliveira lands over the top. Escudero responds. Head kick for Oliveira. Escudero answers a leg kick with a punch. Jab for Oliveira. He shoots but Escudero fights it and ends up on top after landing some shots that stop Oliveira. Half-guard for Escudero. Oliveira regains full guard. Escudero with two big elbows as the round ends.

Second round underway. Escudero lands on Oliveira and might've hurt him. He's OK. Oliveira tries for a single and he gets it. Escudero gets on his back, though. They stand. Oliveira opening up the playbook with kicks and a jumping double knee that connects. Escudero can't finish a takedown. Oliveira with a leg kick. Oliveira getting going here with a little juking and jiving. Right lands for Oliveira. Another flying knee for Oliveira. The round ends.

The two hug to start the final round. Oliveira catches Escudero with an accidental low blow. He's ready to go pretty quickly. Two punches and a leg kick connect for Oliveira. Knee to the midsection by Oliveira. Now Oliveira takes a knee in the clinch "right to the package" Joe Rogan says. Oliveira is hurt pretty bad here. The referee rushes Oliveira back into action for some unknown reason. Oliveira catches a kick, they bounce off the cage and Oliveira slams him down. They stand and somehow Oliveira ends up on his back and sinks in a standing rear-naked choke. Escudero taps! Wow.

The time is 2:25.

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