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UFC Fight Night 22 Results: Miller knocks off Tibau by decision

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Jim Miller continues to roll.

Miller picked up his fifth straight UFC win, defeated veteran Gleison Tibau by unanimous decision Wednesday at UFC Fight Night 22 in Austin, Texas.

The two touch gloves and we are underway. They are both swinging away. Tibau catches a leg kick and takes Miller down. Miller is able to get back up. Miller rocks Tibau with a jab but Tibau is able to push him against the fence. Miller reverses and Tibau does it again and takes him down. Miller has his neck but uses it to get up. Clinched against the cage again. They break. Miller goes for a takedown for naught. Pressed against the cage again. Tibau trying to catch all of Miller's leg kicks. He's made him pay the last two times. Tibau spins Miller 360 degrees with a punch. Miller with a hook that sends Tibau back. Another but Tibau fires back. That's the round.

Round two underway and Tibau opens with a body/head combo. Miller with a big left over the top that staggers Tibau. He frantically drags him to the ground but he's moving too fast. Tibau's up. Miller with a knee to the body. He tries to take him down but is just pressing him against the fence, not punishing him. Tibau with a knee to the body. They break. Miller's corner telling him to "break him." Tibau ducks under a punch and takes Miller down. Miller uses a submission attempt to force Tibau to give up the position. Miller with a right hook that lands during a combo. Miller goes for a single that doesn't come close. Tibau gets a big double of his own, again ducking a punch. That'll finish the round.

Both men tag each other in a wild exchange. Miller drills Tibau with a cross. Leg kick for Miller. Tibau doesn't attempt to catch it this time. Miller fights off a double leg attempt and hits a knee on the way out. Tibau lands a right when Miller leaves himself open. Miller trying for a takedown but he can't get it. Miller has Tibau pushed against the cage holding onto a leg. Tibau pries him off the leg and they break. Miller stuffs a takedown now. One minute left. Referee breaks them up. Miller has a takedown stuffed and Tibau makes him pay with a knee. Final 30 seconds. Miller shrugs off a takedown attempt. They go against the cage as the fight ends.

The judges see the bout 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 for Miller.

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