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UFC Fight Night 22 Results: Miller drops, submits Pearson

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After a competitive opening round, Cole Miller turned it up in the second round of his UFC Fight Night 22 fight with Ross Pearson.

After failing to keep Pearson on the ground, Miller hurt him with a straight right before going in and dropping him to the canvas and submit him with a rear-naked choke.

Pearson opens with a leg kick. Both fighters wearing trunks that match the color of the corner they're in. Miller lands a good counter right hand. Pearson tags Miller with a left hook. Pearson gets a little wild coming in and Miller grabs a leg. Pearson fighting it off against the cage but Miller gets him down, but only briefly. They break. They trade and Miller jumps guard. Pearson standing with Miller's back against the cage. Miller drops down. Miller landing shots now. Pearson stings him and sends him back. Pearson with a nice jab. Leg kick for Pearson. Pearson to the body and Miller to the head. Miller with a leg kick but Pearson responds. Miller with a right. Pearson rushes in as the round ends.

Pearson opens with a leg kick. Hook to the body for Pearson. Miller goes for a takedown but pulls guard but Pearson gets right out. Pearson staggers Miller slightly with a right hand. Miller lands a straight right that hurts Pearson. Miller drops Pearson against the cage and locks in a rear-naked choke for the win.

The time is 1:49.