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UFC Fight Night 22 Preview: Tomasz Drwal vs. Dave Branch

Tomasz Drwal

Going 14-1 against European competition Drwal made a stateside move to the UFC and to Alliance MMA in California. Drwal still trains in his native Poland, but his training camp is at Alliance MMA. Since signing with the UFC Drwal is 3-2. Drwal hits like a mack truck and consistently goes for the kill. As of late he has been quite tentative. Drwal posses decent wrestling skills, which he uses mainly for defence. Drwal is very big for Middleweight. His size causes problems for opponents.

Notable Wins:

Lucio Linhares (13-6) Mike Ciesnolevicz (17-4)

Notable Losses:

Thiago Silva (14-2) Rousimar Palhares (11-2)

Dave Branch

Branch has a Black belt in Jiu-Jitsu under Renzo Gracie. He has trained with Gracie for over 10 years. Branch has fast and powerful kicks that he uses to keep distance. Posses good grappling skills and favors the high guard. In most of Branch's fights he pushes the pace, using he reach well. Branch walks around at about 210 pounds.

Notable Wins:

Derrick Mehmen (10-2)

Notable Losses:

Gerald Harris (17-2)


Fight Prediction

Drwal has a punchers chance, and I would not count on that punch landing. Branch is a legitimately talented guy. I think Branch will secure a submission win. Drwal is very susceptible against good jiu-jitsu players. Branch should get the submission in round one.

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