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UFC Fight Night 22 Preview: Rich Attonito vs. Rafael Natal

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Rich Attonito

Attonito (8-3) was a cast member on The Ultimate Fighter Season 11. He defeated Lyle Steffens to make it into the house. Attonito then picked up a DQ win over Kyacey Uscola, but was unable to continue due to a broken hand. On The Ultimate Fighter: Team Liddell vs. Team Ortiz Finale he defeated Jamie Yager. Attonito trains out of American Top Team. He was a Division I wrestler out of Hofstra. His best offensive weapon is the clinch. He uses it to get takedowns and works from top position. Not a great fight like many TUF cast members. He is undersized and his record is extremely padded. 

Notable Wins:

Jamie Yager? (2-2)

Notable Losses:

Mike Marshall? (1-0)

Rafael Natal

Natal (12-2) is a 4th degree Black belt under Vinicius Magalhães. Natal is an instructor at Renzo Gracie's academy. Natal is unafraid to engage in the striking game and has earned a few TKO victories. Natal does have a bit of pop in his hands, but his bread and butter is the grappling game. Natal opened a lot of eyes by defeating Travis Lutter at Moosin earlier this year.

Notable Wins:

Danillo Villefort (12-3) Travis Lutter (10-6)

Notable Losses

Victor O'Donnell (7-1)


Fight Breakdown

Natal is going to tear through Attonito. Natal can knock him out or submit him. This fight is Natal's to lose.

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