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UFC Fight Night 22 Preview: Anthony Waldburger vs. David Mitchell

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Anthony Waldbuger

Waldbuger (13-5) trains out of Grappler's Lair in Temple, Texas. He won the Shark Fights Welterweight belt in May 2009 defeating Shannon Ritch (45-71) and then defending the belt by defeating WEC, IFL, MFC, and Strikeforce veteran Pat Healy. Waldbuger is currently a purple belt under John Moore. Waldbuger is just content with pulling guard and submitting his opponents. His stand-up is elementary and does not press the action. He is currently engaged to Moore's daughter.

Notable Wins:

Brian Foster (13-5) Pete Spratt (21-18) Pat Healy (25-17)

Notable Losses:

Josh Neer (28-10-1) Pete Spratt (21-18) Ricardo Funch (7-2)

David Mitchell

Mitchell (11-0) fights out of David Terrell's gym in Santa Rosa, California. Mitchell also trains with the Cesar Gracie Fight Team. Mitchell holds the Caged Combat and Tachi Palace Welterweight belts. Mitchell uses his striking to set up his takedowns most times. He often press the action, working for takedown relentlessly. He is a solid wrestler and has good control when onto of his opponents. His parents are hippie world travelers. Mitchell has never won by TKO.

Notable Wins:

War Machine (11-4) Bobby Green (14-3) Poppies Martinez (18-7)

Notable Losses:



Fight Breakdown

Waldbuger is to young and inexperienced to defeat Mitchell. Mitchell utilizes his wrestling much better than Waldburger. Waldbuger is a guard pulling Jiu-Jitsu player. There just is no room for those types of fighters in high level MMA. I see Mitchell getting on top and finishing Waldbuger in the third round via submission.