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UFC Fight Night 22 Preview: Brian Foster vs. Forrest Petz

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Brain Foster will take on Forrest Petz in the opening bout of the night in Austin, Texas.

Brian Foster:

Current tattoo artist Foster (13-5) started fighting out of Michigan and branched out to other Mid-Western states, before finding a permanent home at Matt Hughes' H.I.T. Squad. Foster posses a good deal of pop in his hands. He likes to utilize the uppercut often. Foster has a decent defensive wrestling game. He rarely puts his wrestling skills to offensive uses. Foster often gets sloppy on the feet and head hunts. He is currently 1-2 in the UFC and could get cut with a loss in this fight. 

Notable Wins:

Steve Carl (14-2) Nathan Coy (8-3) Kyle Baker (9-4) Brock Larson (32-5)

Notable Losses:

Anthony Waldburger (12-5) Rick Story (11-3) Chris Lytle (29-17)


Forrest Petz

This is Petz's second stint with the UFC. His last fight was a split decision loss to Daniel Roberts. If Petz losses this fight I am sure he will get cut from the UFC and might never be brought back again. Petz is 5'9 and I question why he still fights at Welterweight. Petz has decent wrestling skills, both offensive and defensive. He is more known for taking punishment though. He has a high pain threshold and is difficult to stop. His striking is nothing to write home about and gets picked apart by higher level opponents. Petz is 2-4 in the UFC.

Notable Wins:

Dan Hardy (23-7) Luigi Fioravanti (17-8) Chad Reiner (25-12)

Notable Losses:

Josh Neer (28-10-1) Marcus Davis (17-7) Kuniyoshi Hironaka (16-7) T.J. Grant (15-4) Victor O'Donnell (7-1) Daniel Roberts (10-1)

Fight Prediction

Brian Foster will pepper Petz for a late stoppage. Petz can't threaten Foster with anything. Petz isn't skilled or talented enough to defeat Foster. I think Petz will take a lot of abuse and the ref will stop the fight in the second round.

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