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Four Days Before Main Eventing at KOTC: No Mercy Ray Mercer is Missing

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Ray Mercer (1-0) before his fight with Tim Sylvia. Photo via <a href="" target="new"></a>
Ray Mercer (1-0) before his fight with Tim Sylvia. Photo via

No one can find former Boxer and current MMA fighter Ray Mercer (1-0). Mercer is set to compete at King of the Cage: No Mercy in Foxwoods, Connecticut.


King of the Cage east coast representative Keith Creed divulged on Thursday that Mercer’s manager did not know where the former champ was. Creed was quoted as saying, "At this point we a more concerned for [Ray Mercer's] safety than for his participation in the September 17th event… If we found him in a Holiday Inn with a line of cocaine and two hookers at least we’d know he had a good time." The last reliable report of Mercer’s location was from his son, who stated Ray left his home in North Carolina on Tuesday morning to complete the last part of his training camp for his headlining fight.

I actually attempted to call Ray last week and was able to reach Ray’s manager in New Jersey, but after playing phone tag with him was unable to obtain an interview with Mercer or comments from anyone. Mercer was last seen in North Philadelphia, not the most friendly of places, which is where police will begin searching tomorrow if no one is able to contact Mercer by tonight. No names have been mentioned in regards to replacing Mercer in the event he is not found. King of the Cage will be issuing a press release addressing Ray Mercer’s disappearance by tomorrow if no serious headway is made in finding him

Ray Mercer's only win in Professional MMA competition was against former UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia.

SBN coverage of King of the Cage: No Mercy

[Update at 12:20 p.m.] Tweet by theKOTC twitter:

OfficialKOTC @TheFightNerd Ray Ray Mercer is alive and well He is in NJ training full speed for Friday Nights Fight on @HDnet @HDnetfights