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North Carolina Dominates Georgia at Wild Bill's Fight Night 30

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Johnny Buck flexes for the camera before picking up a win against Sonny South at Wild Bill's Fight Night 30. Photo by Erich Vowell/
Johnny Buck flexes for the camera before picking up a win against Sonny South at Wild Bill's Fight Night 30. Photo by Erich Vowell/

It took just under 10 minutes for North Carolina fighters Johnny Buck and Roger Carroll to defeat their Georgia opponents Sonny South and Aaron Johnson.

There was plenty of hype behind the Buck vs. South fight. The fight like most did not live up to the hype. Plenty of boo's were giving to the visitor Johnny Buck. Buck only smiled and soaked up the moment. In the fight South had success early, landing a few powerful strikes. Buck struggled them off and slammed South not once, but twice. Buck then slipped into mount and pounded on South until Buck sunk in the Rear Naked Choke.

Unfortunately the fight ended in controversy as many fans and South's corner thought Buck landed strikes to the back of South's head. The crowd booed and Johnny Buck once again walks away with a win. Buck moves his record to 8-6.

The Johnson vs. Carroll fight was weird to me. Johnson got a takedown, but then stood back up. I was shocked by this because in our interview he told me he wanted to get top position and beat Carroll from there. Right after that Carroll shot in and got the takedown. Johnson rolled for a kneebar, but was unsuccessful as Carroll took the back of Johnson. Soon the Joe Hurst Brown Belt sunk in the Rear Naked Choke and picked up yet another win in Georgia.

Carroll now snaps a two fight losing streak. Johnny Buck is 5-1 in his last 6 fights. Buck has another fight coming up in November and I am sure Carroll will have another fight scheduled this year.

Other notable fights on the undercard was watching the always exciting Clint Hester absolutely dominating ATT product Tony Souza. Hester busted up Sousa until the ref stopped the fight in the second round. Personally one of my favorite fighters Scott Fairhat picked up a submission win in the second round. Improving his record to 3-1. And in a stunning upset MOAB Fighting Concepts fighter Mark Inge takes a unanimous decision victory over successful Muay Thai fighter Steve Hall.

David Oblas and Wild Bill's put on a great show once again Saturday night. I think this year they will hold 7 total events, which would be the most they have ever held in 4 years! The crowd was great, seriously almost nothing is better then a MMA crowd that is really into the fights. Oblas did a great job of putting together fights the fans enjoyed (myself included).