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TFC 11: Full Force Preview with Promoter Mark Sinclair

TFC 11: Full Force will take place this Friday September, 10th at the Shaw Conference Center in Edmonton, Alberta. The card will be headlined with a re-match between Victor Valimaki (16-6) vs. Martian Desilets(10-2). The first fight between the two at TFC 10: High Octane was mired in controversy. Desilets landed a few low blows to Valimaki and Valimaki never recovered from the blows.

Sinclair comments on the main event:

"I booked the re-match because it was a great back and forth fight. The fans were very into and were very happy the re-match was booked. There was also some controversy, Desilets was warned about the numerous low blows that he landed. The first fight was an all out brawl! Both guys swinging for the fences and putting on the show for the fans. Victor wants to win this fight so bad in his hometown. Desilets is the bad boy coming into town, just about all the fans here in Edmonton want to see him lose."

 You can watch the first fight below.

Also on the card, undefeated Lightweight prospect Mitch Clarke (7-0) will face Josh Machan (7-3) who is on a 7 fight win streak. "This will be for the TFC Lightweight belt. Clarke is dropping down from Welterweight and he is a very talented wrestler. He has really cut right threw his opponents, so we matched him up with Machan who has also been on an absolute tear. Should be a great fight. I think Mitch is favored to win the fight, but anything can happen in MMA."

Also exciting Welterweight prospect Rio Wells (3-0) will face Chuck Pelc(2-1). "Wells is a former professional football player who has found MMA. Physically he just overpowers his opponents. He is very athletic and he is working on his grappling. I see him fighting for a title soon." 

I asked Sinclair why so many prospects in Canada come from Edmonton.

"Edmonton has become a real hot bed for MMA prospects. Fighters from Edmonton have gone onto the UFC and other prestigious organisations. Edmonton has a lot of great MMA gyms. Trainers here really help these young guys evolve their game. We are picking up these young great fighters and helping them develop their careers in the TFC.

TFC 11: Full Force is going head to head with the Maximum Fighting Championship. I asked Sinclair how he feels about the MFC purposefully moving their show to Edmonton and how it will effect TFC's business.

"It's unfortunate. We book all our shows a year in advance. We have booked all our shows this year at the Shaw Conference Center which is one of the premier venues in Alberta. At first they had their fight scheduled in Brandon, Manitoba. I guess ticket sales weren't going so well, but they moved back to Edmonton so we are going head to head. It's not the first time, we have encountered this before and our shows have still been successful. It's not the best scenario, but we will draw our fans in and put on a great show."

When the MFC released Ryan Ford back in 2009 TFC quickly picked him up and successfully promoted him as their Welterweight champion. Ford's contract was up and rather than signing with TFC he choose to sign with the MFC. I asked Sinclair if he ever worries about building up and promoting fighters only to see them leave before the promotion can capitalize on the fighters star power.

"It's always a concern. At the end of a fighters contract they have the choice to either stick with us or to go somewhere else. My philosophy is if we treat the fighters well, give them advise, get them paid and promoted properly they will stay with us. We have had a lot of success with that.."

TFC Light-Heavyweight Title fight: Martin Desilets (10-2) vs. Victor Valmaki (16-6)

TFC Lightweight Title fight: Mitch Clarke (7-0) vs. Josh Machan (7-3)

Ryan McGillivray (10-4-1) vs. Markhaile Wedderburn (10-7)

Ryan Machan (11-5) vs. James McCutcheon (3-2)

Rio Wells (3-0) vs. Chunk Pelc (2-1)

Sy Jewett (1-0) vs. Rachael Swaetz (3-1)

Darcy Boizard (1-1) vs. O'Denva Phillps (0-0)

Recce Chapman (0-0) vs. Adam Bodwell (0-0)

Steve Beaumont (0-0) vs. Dean Cox (0-0)

Check out for ticket information.