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The Pound-for-Pound #1 Pound-for-Pound Rankings

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Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

The landscape of MMA has changed so drastically this year, I just don't think these rankings mean much anymore (not that they did in the first place, but still). It's possible that six months from now we could see a top-3 of Shogun-Aldo-Cruz. Who saw that coming at the start of the year? For now, I see it like this:

1. Anderson Silva

--The performance against Chael Sonnen was the most vulnerable we've seen him, but also his most inspiring outing to date.

2. Georges St. Pierre

--If St. Pierre demolishes Josh Koscheck, he might make his first appearance at the top of my rankings.

3. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua

--He's here more by default than anything else.

4. Jose Aldo

--In 12 months time, might Aldo become the new force at lightweight?

5. Fedor Emelianenko

--As much as I dislike the way he goes about picking opponents, I believe my positioning of him at No. 9 last time out was too steep a drop. He's still Fedor, after all.

6. Frankie Edgar

--The guy is legit. He could inch up these rankings if his total game has developed enough to avenge the Gray Maynard loss.

7. Dominick Cruz

--I'll be sold on him after a couple more defenses. After the Benevidez win, not so much.

8. BJ Penn

--It'll be interesting to see if Penn comes back with a special kind of fire. Maybe Edgar just has his number.

9. Jake Shields

--Shields is still criminally underrated in most rankings. The guy has great wins in two weight classes.

10. Brock Lesnar

--He faces serious threats in the next year, with Cain Velasquez up next and Junior dos Santos thereafter.


What do you guys think?