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UFC 118 Results: Frankie Edgar whitewashes BJ Penn, wins 50-45x3 decision

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BOSTON - AUGUST 27:  UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar weighs in at 154 lbs at the UFC 118 weigh-in at the TD Garden on August 27 2010 in Boston Massachusetts.  (Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)
BOSTON - AUGUST 27: UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar weighs in at 154 lbs at the UFC 118 weigh-in at the TD Garden on August 27 2010 in Boston Massachusetts. (Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)
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Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Frankie Edgar is the UFC lightweight champion.

Edgar completely dominated BJ Penn, winning 50-45 on all three scorecards to retain his UFC lightweight championship on Saturday night at UFC 118.

The two met in April at UFC 112. Edgar won a decision that many people scored for Penn. At TD Garden on Saturday, Edgar left no doubt who the true lightweight champion is.

Penn aggressive early. Penn with a big uppercut but Edgar drives through it, grabs Penn and slams him to the mat. Penn tries to sweep and goes for an armbar but Edgar stays on top. Butterfly guard for Penn. That guard stopping Edgar from getting a pass attempt off. Penn pushes him off. Penn lands but Edgar lands twice. Penn makes Edgar pay for a takedown attempt with a knee to the midsection. Edgar takes Penn down, he immediately stands but Edgar recovers immediately and slams Penn to the canvas. Penn stands but it's Edgar with a knee to the midsection. Leg kick for Edgar. "Let's go BJ" from the crowd. Another instance of one strike for Penn, two for Edgar. Double hook for Edgar. Penn lands a shot but Edgar fires back with a body kick as the round ends.

Neither men showing any marks on their faces. Leg kick lands for Penn. Good hook lands for Penn. Another. Penn starting to get going. Body kick for Edgar. Edgar evades a two-punch combo and eats a knee while trying to a takedown. Leg kick for Edgar. Edgar fakes a shot and lands to the ribs. Penn working the jab now. Edgar gets a takedown. Nice, deep shot. Very nice. Half-guard to guard and out for Penn. Body/head combo for Edgar. Good jab for Edgar. Leg kick for Edgar. Edgar lands two. Leg kick for Edgar and the round ends. Edgar claps his hands. Penn was looking good early in the round but Edgar probably took it.

Edgar blocks a high kick. Penn with two shots and Edgar moves. Edgar always moving. Edgar to the body and the head again. Penn comes in and lands. He shucks off a takedown attempt. Nice right over the top in an exchange by Edgar. Both men land. Edgar tees off with a big shot. Edgar landing a lot now. Edgar finding a home for the left. Edgar shoots in but Penn shucks him off but eats two big shots. Penn not making any adjustments. Edgar drives Penn into the cage. He lands a knee. Two shots for Edgar land as he breaks. Courtesy inside leg kick for Edgar. Penn to the body. Edgar lands as the round ends. Edgar constantly jacking Penn's jaw and Penn isn't doing it back.

Edgar takes the center of the Octagon to start the round. Edgar gets caught swinging wildly and Penn gets a bodylock and takes him down. In half-guard. Edgar slips out after Penn fails to do anything to capitalize on the position. Jab for Penn. Right lands for Edgar. Edgar sweeps Penn's leg with a kick and sends him to the mat. Edgar into Penn's guard. He lands a nice elbow. Penn looking for rubber guard. Edgar lands a big shot diving in and uses it to pass into half-guard. Forearm shot lands for Edgar. Edgar backs out and Penn stands. Nice right hook for Edgar. Edgar landing at will almost here. Uppercut for Edgar. Both men land as the round ends and Penn needs a finish as he is likely down four rounds. 

Penn with a little swelling under his right eye. He's going to need a finish here to win this fight. Penn knows it and takes Edgar down. Edgar fights it but goes down. Edgar tries to stand but Penn gets on his back. But the crowd roars when Edgar reverses Penn and ends up in his guard. Elbow for Edgar. Three minutes left here. Two elbows land for Edgar. Edgar staying active. Another elbow for Edgar. Penn tries to scramble out but he can't. Edgar stands and Penn tries to take him down but Edgar sprawls and ends up on top. Two more elbows for Edgar. Only 90 seconds left now. Penn scrambles and stands. Penn is tiring and it's going to be tough to finish. Edgar is still on the balls of his feet looking like he did in the first. Edgar not content to cruise in the final 45 seconds. Jab for Edgar. Less than 20 seconds left. Edgar stuffs a takedown. Under 10 to go. That's it. Incredible performance by Frankie Edgar.

All three judges score the bout 50-45.

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