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UFC 118 Results: Maia positionally dominates Miranda, takes unanimous decision win

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Demian Maia bounced back from his tough UFC 112 loss to Anderson Silva with a dominant unanimous decision win against Mario Miranda on Saturday at UFC 118.

Maia gets a takedown against the cage 30 seconds in. Maia working a little bit of ground-and-pound. He slides onto his back. Not looking good for Miranda. Very patient Maia here trying to soften Miranda up with punches but Miranda flips but Maia jumps right back onto his back. Maia's too high so he switches into an armbar but Miranda escapes and is on his feet. Great job by Miranda fighting that off. Clinch against the cage and they break. Miranda with some leg kicks. The round ends.

Miranda misses a big overhand right. Both lands knees to the body in the clinch. Maia with a single and he drags Miranda to the ground. In the ensuing scramble he grabs his neck. He gives it up and Miranda falls to his back. Maia into side control. Maia stepping over and is in mount. Maia landing some shots. Miranda with a brief body lock. Maia looking for an arm-triangle but he doesn't get it. Miranda not offering much resistance to being mounted here. Maia going for an armbar. Trying to set it up. Now he's going for it but Miranda slips out and gets up. Maia on his back with Miranda kicking his legs. Miranda dives in and the round ends.

Third round begins and Maia catches a leg kick, drags Miranda to the ground and instantly takes his back. He gives that up and goes for an armbar but Miranda slides out and is now sprawling and escapes. Maia's tired now, but Miranda is, too. Right for Miranda. Maia cracks him. Maia with a single with 1:23 to go into half-guard. Maia into mount now. Maia looking for that same armbar again. He has it but Miranda spins out. Maia on his back and Miranda finally shows some urgency as the round ends.

All three judges score the bout 30-27 for Maia.

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