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What are they thinking? Bellator to go head-to-head with NFL season opener in New Orleans

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On Sept. 9, Bellator Fighting Championships will present Bellator 28 live from New Orleans. As most Bellator cards are, it should be a fun and exciting night of mixed martial arts. But there's one problem, as pointed out to me by Forrest Lynn: That same night, in that same city, the New Orleans Saints open the 2010 NFL season against Minnesota in a rematch of last season's epic NFC Championship game.

And it will be the Saints' first game since winning the Super Bowl. And more than 70,000 people will pack the Superdome for a game that was announced as happening on that date in that city in April.

Sept. 9 is going to be a bad, bad night for Bellator. I can't imagine anybody watching the show on FSN let alone anybody even going to the show on a night that is probably as close to a city holiday as possible without it actually being one. And for those in attendance that night, I'm sure they'll be more focused on their cell phones looking for the latest information on the game. Adding to Bellator's woes is that the NFL usually hosts a concert in the surrounding area that night.

You have to wonder if Bellator did its due diligence in selecting this city on this day. You'd have to think someone at the venue would say, "you know, this might not be such a great idea." So either this one slipped through all the cracks or Bellator just doesn't care. Either way, it's quite concerning.

Bellator, I ask: What are you thinking? Get out if you still can.