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Lawal to undergo knee surgery, out 9 months

"King Mo" Lawal will undergo knee surgery and will be out nine months. <em>Photo by Esther Lin/Strikeforce</em>
"King Mo" Lawal will undergo knee surgery and will be out nine months. Photo by Esther Lin/Strikeforce

Former Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion "King Mo" Lawal will be out for nine months as he will undergo knee surgery soon, reports.

Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal will undergo knee surgery to replace both his anterior and posterior crucial ligaments, which could sideline the former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion for nine months, said his manager Ryan Parsons.


Parsons said the injury occurred during Saturday's bout and that Lawal will undergo surgery next Tuesday in Los Angeles.

"Mo wanted to take one more fight, but we decided that this injury should be attended to first," said Parsons after Lawal was examined by his physician on Monday.

This is a setback for Lawal and it's certainly worth wondering where the injury occurred in the bout, as nothing really appeared out of the ordinary. But still, Lawal's shot was not what it was, so this knee injury, especially if it was lingering from the last time he rehabbed his knee, had to be repaired.

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