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Strikeforce: Houston Results: 'Feijao' upsets Lawal to win light-heavyweight title

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A near 5-to-1 underdog heading into the fight, Rafael Feijao stunned "King Mo" Lawal to win the Strikeforce light-heavyweight championship via third-round TKO on Saturday night.

They touch gloves and we are underway. Lawal punches his way in and works for a takedown. Feijao posts with an arm and Lawal gets on his back standing. Huge slam for Lawal. Feijao back to his feet but Mo remains on his back. They break up. Both men miss jabs. Feijao with a good uppercut and a knee but Lawal shoots in but can't get another slam. Lawal misses a big overhand right by a mile. Feijao with two knees that connect. Nice low kick by Feijao and the round ends.

Nice leg kick by Feijao. They seem to be working. Lawal just slips a huge right. Head kick connects for Feijao but he's taken down while being over-aggressive. Full-guard against the cage. Feijao pushes Lawal off but Lawal is on him and grabs his back. Feijao slips out. Lawal with three shots to the body. Two more. Feijao with a jab. Lawal trying to work the body as he goes southpaw. Lawal getting going here with his strikes. Lawal wades in with body shots and goes for a takedown but Feijao does a nice job defending. Lawal with Feijao against the cage as the round ends.

Feijao lands a huge shot that staggers Lawal. Feijao going in now. Lawal firing back.Feijao drops Lawal as he tries to dig to the body. Lawal hanging on to a leg. Lawal pushes Feijao against the cage. Feijao going in with continuous elbows to the head and it's over.

The time is 1:14.

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