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Strikeforce: Houston Results: Noons becomes first man to stop Gurgel with strikes

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Jorge Gurgel finally paid for wanting to engage in firefights with his opponents.

Former EliteXC lightweight champion KJ Noons plastered Gurgel, connecting on 51 percent of his strikes and finishing Gurgel with a devastating combo early in the second round.

It is the first time Gurgel has been stopped by strikes in 20 career bouts.

Gurgel with a nice right hand to open up the proceedings. Gurgel with a body kick. Head kick sweeps across Noons' face. Gurgel utilizing a lot of movement here on the outside as Noons takes the center of the cage. Noons to the body. Noons drills Gurgel to the body and Gurgel lands a leg kick. Noons starting to land now. Inside leg kick for Noons. They trade outside leg kicks. Gurgel bleeding now. Noons with two body shots. Right hook and left hook connect for Noons. They are in a firefight at the end of the round and Noons fires back with a hook that drops Gurgel after the bell. A devastating punch. Gurgel is wobbly heading back to his corner.

He's coming back out for round two. Noons with a two punch bombing combo that drops Gurgel. The referee is slow getting in and as he's stopping it, Noons knees Gurgel while he's down as the referee is painfully slow to stop the bout.

The time is 0:19 of the second round.

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