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Strikeforce: Houston Preview: 'King Mo' speaks on leaving MMA for pro-wrestling, WCW memories

Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion "King Mo" Lawal spoke with's Matt Bishop and Forrest Lynn earlier this week on Lights Out Radio about multiple subjects. In this audio highlight, Lawal speaks about his love for professional wrestling, his entrance Saturday ("I got a robe that makes Ric Flair jealous," he said.) and if he were to be Booker T in an MMA version of the famous WCW tag team Harlem Heat, who would be Stevie Ray?

In this interview, Lawal said he'd leave MMA for pro-wrestling if he could become an MMA legend — someone who changed the game.

He also talks about how former amateur wrestlers like himself, Daniel Cormier and Joe Warren.

"The thing about having a strong amateur background, a world-class background, we get pushed a lot faster. You have people like me, Daniel Cormier, Joe Warren, we're learning on the job. Joe Warren got rushed. We're learning on the job. We didn't have a chance to fight scrubs. I had the chance to fight Mark Kerr in my fourth or fifth fight and that's coming off an injury. Warren fought Kid Yamamoto in his second fight, come on. Bibiano (Fernandes). He's fighting some monsters early in his career."

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