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Carolinas Fight Scene Update: Jawbreaker Promotions Presents 185 Pound Amateur Tourney This Friday

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One of the cool things about the regional MMA scene is that you often get a chance to catch local fight cards in unique venues. This will be the case for folks in the Triangle region of North Carolina this Friday, August 20th. Jawbreaker Promotions will be hosting an amateur MMA card at The Longbranch Saloon in Raleigh, NC. The Longbranch is a 40,000+ square foot bar and dance club in Raleigh that often plays host to live nationally renowned music acts. This, however, will be their first foray into hosting an MMA event. The unique thing about this card is that it will showcase the first round of a tournament which will feature some of the best amateur middleweight fighters in the Carolinas. The tournament features a unique concept in that it will continue throughout the Fall and culminate with a final matchup that will mark the pro debut of the two finalists. In speaking with Al Simmons of Jawbreaker Promotions last week, he seemed to indicate that The Longbranch could also play host to future MMA events held by Jawbreaker. This card represents a lot of hard work and cooperation in working with various managers and getting together some of the better young amateur talent across North Carolina for the purpose of offering fight fans in Raleigh a glimpse of some talented young fighters. Let's take a look at the field for Friday's first round action:

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  • - Adam Dehart (10-5 and currently the # 1 ranked amateur middleweight in the Carolinas) will be taking on Chris Barnhizer (3-3).
  • - Chris Crawford (6-2 and currently the # 2 ranked amateur middleweight in the Carolinas) will be taking on Gamille Major (2-3).
  • - Tony Scarlett (4-1 and currently the # 3 ranked amateur middleweight in the Carolinas) will be taking on Darrin Billock (3-2).
  • - Chris McNeil (4-2) will be taking on David Castro (3-2).

The table is set for some action packed first round bouts and some potentially good matchups heading into the second round. The thing that I like about this field is that there are multiple fighters that have a legitimate shot of winning this thing. There will also be some boxing matches presented on this hybrid card. Some of the other MMA fights featured this Friday include:

  • - 145 lbs.- Blake Risk (1-0) vs. Anthony Wojack (2-2)
  • - 155 lbs.- Anthony Capps (2-2) vs. Wolfgang Stein (0-1)
  • - Gustavo Duarte (2-2) vs. Nathan Brachear (0-0)

The Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area has a large population of young MMA fans. The Jawbreaker event this Friday at The Longbranch is a perfect chance for those fans to check out live MMA action in a fun, fan-friendly environment. The even better news? Fans won't even have to leave the building to attend the afterparty.