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Local Fight Scene Update: Catching Up With North Carolina Fighter Joe Carroll

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26-year-old Joe "El Dingo Loco" Carroll is a popular pro lightweight fighter in the Carolinas. With five fights to his credit already in 2010, Joey is one of the more active fighters in the region. He'll compete at least once more this year, taking on John Cofer (3-2) on Saturday, August 21st at the Bangkok Fight Night card in Atlanta, Georgia. I recently caught up with Joe to find out what's new and get his thoughts on his upcoming fight:

Rich Wyatt: You have a fight coming up on August 21st in Atlanta, Georgia. Your opponent will be John Cofer (3-2). What do you know about him?

Joseph Carroll: I don't know too much about him. I know that he's got a wrestling background and the he has trained at Hardcore Gym and Unit 2 Fitness under, I think, Roberto Traven. I'm training like I'm going to face GSP, though.

Rich Wyatt: What can fans expect to see on August 21st?

Joseph Carroll: Bagpipes, painted fingernails and excitement! They're going to see a different Joe Carroll than they have before in Georgia. Georgia always loves me.

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Rich Wyatt: How is your training going for this upcoming fight?

Joseph Carroll: It's going really well. I've trained lots of jiu-jitsu, standup and I'm still working lots of conditioning. I've had a lot of fights this year so I've stayed well conditioned. I've had a couple of weeks of lifting recently and two months of high intensity jiu-jistu training with several purple and brown belts. I've also worked some boxing with my boxing coach at Renegade Boxing in Gastonia.

Rich Wyatt: You're currently working as a trainer at Chris Frye's Gym in Charlotte. Tell us a little about what that is like.

Joseph Carroll: We've moved to a new facility recently. The name of the place is Red Rhino Training Facility. It has approximately 10,000 square feet of space and an amateur fight card will be held there on September 18th. I get to train with several different folks that are larger than me there and they do a good job of getting me prepared for a fight. It's a good experience to get to work there. I've trained a few folks that are novices and even some local radio personalities. I haven't been there as much this summer because I was in school for the Spring semester and I've only really been able to come in about three times a week.

Rich Wyatt: Well, best of luck to you on the 21st. Are there any sponsors that you'd like to mention?

Joseph Carroll: No Quarter, Clinch Gear, Phat Burrito, La Paz, Mortimer's, Dirty Boxing, Joe Hurst Jiu-Jitsu, Red Rhino Training Facility, Renegade Boxing and Bread & Butter Management.