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UFC 116 Results: Lesnar overcomes brutal first round to submit Carwin, unify UFC heavyweight title

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Brock Lesnar is the best heavyweight in the world.

Lesnar proved it Saturday night at UFC 116, overcoming a furious first round by Shane Carwin in which he was almost finished on several occasions to submit Carwin with an arm-triangle choke to retain the UFC heavyweight champion at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Feeling out process to start the fight. Carwin lands and Lesnar tries a takedown but can't complete it. "Carwin" chants. Carwin drilling Lesnar. He is really going to work. Lesnar drops. Carwin looking for a finish here. Lesnar defends but is in a real bad spot. Carwin standing above Lesnar who is on his back. Lesnar looking for wrist control. Pace has slowed but then Carwin lands an elbow. Carwin stands up. Lesnar just covering up. He's trying to move. Lesnar is cut badly. 100 seconds left in the round. Carwin in Lesnar's half-guard. Carwin looking to his corner for advice. Lesnar scrambles and gets up and has Carwin pushed against the cage with a minute to go. Lesnar with a knee. Both men now stalemated against the cage, Carwin trying to catch his breath and Lesnar trying to recover. The round comes to a close with Lesnar grabbing a leg. Dominant round for Carwin.

They touch gloves as Carwin enters the second round for the first time. They both throw at the same time and it's Carwin that connects. Lesnar gets an easy takedown a sure-fire sign Carwin is tired. Lesnar in half-guard. Looking to wear down Carwin here. Lesnar mounts and looks for an arm-triangle. He's got it. Lesnar cranks it and Carwin taps! Unbelievable! The time is 2:19.

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