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UFC 116 Results: Chris Lytle submits Matt Brown for a second time

The fight between Chris Lytle and Matt Brown didn't produce the fireworks many expected, but the fight ended in the same fashion as the first time the two met. Lytle defeated Brown by armbar in the second round, the second time he has defeated Brown by second round submission in his career.

Both men come out swinging. Knees from the clinch for Brown. Brown sneaks in a high kick on the break. Brown takes Lytle down from the clinch. Brown looking for a D'Arce Choke. It's deep. Lytle trying to hang on and Brown has to let it go. Back to the feet. Brown walks right into a left. Brown drops Lytle, not a severe dropping, as the round comes to a close. Good round for Brown.

They trade in the early going. Lytle hurts Brown with an uppercut and locks in a guillotine on a reeling borne. Lytle doesn't have it but mounts Brown. He moves into a mounted triangle just like UFC 73. Lytle working for an armlock, but the camera angle is on the complete wrong side to get a good view. And they never show a good replay, but it is called a straight armbar by Joe Rogan. The end came at 2:02.

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