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UFC 116 Results: Stephan Bonnar back in winner's circle, defeats Krzysztof Soszynski by TKO

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The first fight between Stephan Bonnar and Krzysztof Soszynski ended in controversy. The rematch at UFC 116 did not. In a fight with many wild exchanges, it was Bonnar who landed the most pivotal blow, dropping Soszynski with a knee and finishing him on the ground to pick up his first win since 2007 by TKO in the second round.

The two trade early. Bonnar catches a kick and takes Soszynski down. Soszynski reverses him and uses an armbar to stand. Soszynski tees off on Bonnar against the cage. Bonnar is cut. Bonnar switches and lands an elbow and some knees. They break off the cage. Bonnar tries a spinning back kick but it's caught and he has to run away to avoid Soszynski getting his back. Now Bonnar is teeing off against the cage. They break and Bonnar lands a brutal body kick. Soszynski shrugs off a takedown and pops Bonnar with a right. Soszynski now going to town but Bonnar is firing back. Both men landing shots as the crowd roars. Bonnar tries a high kick that's blocked. The round ends with the fighters slapping hands. Bonnar is cut under both his eyes.

Round 2 begins with moor exchanging. Soszynski is really getting the better of it. This is a wild fight. They trade again up against the cage. Bonnar got the best of it until Soszynski gets him. Back to the clinch against the cage. Bonnar lands a huge knee. Against the cage again and Bonnar takes him down into side control. They stand and Bonnar drops Soszynski with a knee. He can't finish right away. Bonnar continues to pound away and referee Mario Yamasaki steps in and stops the fight. Unbelievable. The time is 3:08.

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