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UFC 116 Results: George Sotiropoulos survives late scare to beat Kurt Pellegrino

For 14:55, Kurt Pellegrino couldn't land much offense on George Sotiropoulos. In the final seconds, he dropped Sotiropoulos with a knee but the buzzer sounded before Pellegrino could follow up. It marked five seconds of lapse for Sotiropoulos, who dominated the fight, winning his seventh straight fight, six in the UFC, by unanimous decision.

Sotiropoulos landing on Pellegrino in the early going. Sotiropoulos drops Pellegrino. He follows him to the ground and is on his back. Pellegrino scrambles to his feet. Nice left hook lands for Sotiropoulos. Sotiropoulos is landing at will but Pellegrino takes him down but allows Sotiropoulos to stand up. Pellegrino lands two nice shots. Knee connects for Sotiropoulos. Pellegrino starting to land more but Sotiropoulos landing the harder shots. Sotiropoulos going to town with the left hook. He rocks Pellegrino with it. Pellegrino with a takedown but Sotiropoulos goes into mission control. Pellegrino breaks it but eats an upkick. Half-guard for Pellegrino. The round ends with Pellegrino in the full guard.

Round 2 starts with Pellegrino diving in for a Superman punch but Sotiropoulos ducks it and eventually gets a single-leg. Sotiropoulos moves into half-guard. Big elbows by Sotiropoulos. More elbows. Pellegrino scrambles and is on his feet for a half-second before being brought back down. Sotiropoulos into side control. And he's looking to get his back. They stand with Sotiropoulos on Pellegrino's side. Sotiropoulos just leaning on him now, drawing the ire of both the referee and the crowd. They break. Lunging knee lands for Pellegrino. The round ends, another clear one for Sotiropoulos.

Sotiropoulos landing at will as Pellegrino looks a bit dejected. Sotiropoulos lands and appears to have hurt Pellegrino and rushes in but ends up getting taken down. Pellegrino in Sotiropoulos' guard but not able to mount much offense at all. Sotiropoulos has Pellegrino trapped in mission control but Pellegrino gets out with a minute to go. They clinch against the cage. They break in the final seconds and Pellegrino drops Sotiropoulos with a knee but the buzzer sounds before Pellegrino can follow up completely.

The judges scored the bout 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28, all for Sotiropoulos.

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