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UFC 116 Results: Ricardo Romero rebounds from tough start to submit Seth Petruzelli

Ricardo Romero's first round in the UFC didn't go exactly as he expected. He was rocked multiple times by veteran Seth Petruzelli but ultimately Petruzelli's gas tanked empited out and Romero finished him with a straight armbar in the second round.

Petruzelli came out and really put it on Romero in the early-going. He had him covering up against the fence at one point and stumbled him with a head kick. Romero can't get going. Petruzelli lands some nice ground-and-pound but Petruzelli gets reversed and Romero mounts him with about 100 seconds left in the round. Romero working for an Americana but Petruzelli gives up his back with 62 seconds left. Romero goes for an armbar, but Petruzelli was baiting him into it. Petruzelli to his feet and he drops Romero with an uppercut. Petruzelli trying to land double axehandles. Romero holding on to an ankle and he gets Petruzelli down and gets his back as the round ends. Petruzelli is gassed.

Romero hurt by a knee. Both men are fighting exhaustion here after a crazy first round. They end up on the ground and Petruzelli locks in an armbar but Romero gets out and is in Petruzelli's guard. Romero is bleeding. Not much happening now. Petruzelli looks for a triangle but Romero uses it to pass. Side control with an arm pinned. Crucifix for Romero. He goes for a straight armbar and he's got it. Petruzelli taps. He screamed and is down holding his arm. Might have dislocated his elbow or broke his arm. The time is 3:05.

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