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Griggs confident he has skills to beat Lashley at Strikeforce: Houston

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Ben Fowlkes at spoke with Chad Griggs, who will fight Bobby Lashley in a featured bout at "Strikeforce: Houston" and the International Fight League veteran, who was planning a drop to light-heavyweight before getting the call for the bout, says Lashley is "very beatable."

When assessing the former pro wrestlers strengths and weaknesses, Griggs points to Lashley's size and inexperience, adding that his goal is to wear Lashley out and take him into the later rounds.

"With Bobby, you're not going to get an armbar," Griggs said. "I think you're going to have to hit him in the head a few times, get him down, get him tired, and maybe get a choke on the big old broad neck of his."

Of course, Griggs doesn't think that his employers would be quite as thrilled about that outcome as he would be.

"I think it's obvious. It's very important for [Strikeforce] for Bobby Lashley to win, not me. I mean, let's talk reality. He's one of their golden children that they're counting on," he said. "Obviously Strikeforce doesn't want me to win, but hey, they gave me the chance and now they've got to pay the consequences. I don't care how big and strong you are, everybody's got a chin. Everybody can get rocked. But yeah, I think Strikeforce has a lot of money invested in the guy. He's got everything to lose. I've got everything to gain."

In nine career fights, Griggs has only been out of the first round twice and has faced notables such as Homer Moore, Shane Ott and John Marsh. His lone loss came to Ott by submission at IFL: Connecticut in April 2007.

His last fight, though, was more than a year ago when he beat Jon Alexander by knockout in April 2009.